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Update - 6/1/2021

Due to a change in jobs and relocation to Colorado, I will not be taking orders until I set up my new shop.  I hope to be back in for operation sometime before the end of 2021.

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A little about me.

I started building guitars in 2005.  I've been playing acoustic guitar for more than 30 years.  I'm a mechanical engineering graduate from Cal Poly Pomona and currently work as an engineer in the medical device industry. I hold US six patents in cardiac devices, embolic protection, and labor and delivery.

I have always loved wood and guitars.  I have built many items from wood, but it never occurred to me that I could make a guitar.  That all changed when I met Kathy Wingert at the NAMM show.  We talked for some time and over lunch she convinced me that I could build a guitar.  Kathy is so wonderful and encouraging.  She builds amazing guitars.  If you ever get a chance, definitely play one of her guitars.   Please check out her website (link below). 

I studied all I could - videos, books, websites, and forums for about 6 months, then I started acquiring tools and wood.  I built my first guitar from scratch, not a kit.  I was certain that the guitar would end up in the trash.  To my surprise, I did finish it and I still play it regularly.  It is an OM, red western cedar on East Indian rosewood.  I love cedar!I have built 27 guitars now.  The first 6 were OM's, small jumbos and 000's.  They were built according to established plans.   Things really changed after that.  Early in 2007, I attended a one-week voicing course taught by the legendary Ervin Somogyi.  

The next 21 guitars are standard shapes, but everything else has changed.  The sides are more sturdy because they are double sides, the top is lightly built to allow the strings to transfer their energy to a more active, dynamic top.  My tops are about 25% thinner than standard production guitars.   I learned how to allow more of the top to be active and contribute to the tone and volume of the instrument.  The bracing is completely redesigned.  My backs are also lightly built and play a larger part of the overall sound than most guitars.

I build part-time.  I hope to make 6 guitars a year, but I am more likely to produce 4.  This is really a labor of love.  I love acoustic guitars and I love working with wood.

Thank you for looking!

Steve Saville